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I think your coverage is thoughtful and balanced in a way that I haven't seen elsewhere.
Jeff Ballabon
Former SVP, CBS News
Tony Robbins
Knowing the truth and having something like Epoch Times that brings it forward to people I think is fantastic, and I subscribe.
Tony Robbins
Author, coach, and speaker
Chris Widener
They are the folks who are out there promoting the truth. [...] They are real news. They are what we used to call journalists. They are not asserting their opinions. They are telling you what it is and letting you make your own decisions. [...] We not only enjoy The Epoch Times, we also want to support The Epoch Times because they are real journalists who are taking the truth and bringing it to the masses, [...] not just here in America but around the world.
Chris Widener
NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author, Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame
What are fundamental differences between The Epoch Times and other media?

1. The Epoch Times is the first and only media that exposes the true nature, impact, and ultimate goal of communism. We explain its damage to our moral foundation and to Eastern and Western traditions. We also discuss the outcomes of socialism and its impact on countries’ economic and political stability. We believe that media has a duty to be upright and responsible to society.

2. While six corporations own 90 percent of media outlets in the United States (according to Business Insider), The Epoch Times is independent of any influence from corporations, governments, or political parties. Our only goal is to bring our readers accurate information and to be responsible to the public.

3. The Epoch Times is nonpartisan and values-based. We believe true journalism is based on moral principles. We focus on important issues and on policies and their impact, not partisanship. We report the truth in the midst of the biased media environment. We don’t follow the unethical trend of agenda-driven journalism, but instead use our principles of Truth and Tradition as our guiding light to report honestly.

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Subscribe for world news, U.S. news, unique commentary and analysis, arts, traditions, culture, family, food, travel, crosswords, puzzles, and more!

The Epoch Times is driven by its mission, not by money.

One of the biggest threats we face is the struggle between freedom and communism. Many Americans haven’t realized or paid much attention to this struggle, but it's a battle The Epoch Times has been covering from the front lines for the past 19 years. We are happy that more and more people have begun to pay close attention to this threat.

The biggest socialist/communist regime on this planet is the Chinese Communist regime, which is one of the biggest threats to the free world. We at The Epoch Times know well its true nature.

Our efforts alone are not enough. We need you to be a part of this journey.

By coming together, we can win this battle for our country's freedom. Subscribing to The Epoch Times will equip you and your communities with the facts that can help you make up your own mind and contribute positively to society.

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