The American Promise

An Epoch Times Project

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

— Declaration of Independence, 1776

The promise of the United States has always been about more than itself. In recognizing that all human beings are created equal, and in defending individual liberty, the United States has demonstrated that self-government is possible.

It has done so while making steady progress toward realizing its ideals so that anyone—regardless of what race they are, whether they are male or female, or where they come from—may pursue his or her idea of happiness.

This has unleashed energy and creativity. America has achieved unheard of levels of abundance and has been a fount of invention, enriching all of humanity.

America’s first settlers traveled here to gain the freedom to worship as they chose, and the United States has all along recognized the importance of “in God we trust.” It has protected spiritual life in order to give its citizens the conditions needed to flourish.

But forces inside and outside the United States now threaten to undo America’s promise.

With the American Promise initiative, The Epoch Times seeks to revitalize America’s principles and traditions while contributing to our nation’s quest to perfect itself.

Main Challenges To
The American Promise

Marxist Ideology Challenges America

When KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov spoke of America's decline, he spoke of a gradual "demoralization" of the nation driven by Marxist-Leninist ideology. While faced with this domestic ideological crisis, America is also facing the threat of China's ruling Communist Party, which for decades has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our society, in the fields of education, entertainment, politics, and business, among others. Exposing these threats and educating people about them is now, we believe, a critical element of allowing America to realize its promise.

Traditions Under Assault

Our founders believed that our form of self-government was created for a moral people. Traditions have allowed nations to flourish for thousands of years. How do we return ourselves to a path of tradition and righteous principles?

Ideological Education

Our education system is a cornerstone of society. Over the years, however, the idea of striving for excellence has been challenged by post-modernist ideology. If we want our nation to flourish, our children should be well-educated, moral beings.

Constitutional Rights Challenged

Our education system is a cornerstone of society. Over the years, however, the idea of striving for excellence has been challenged by post-modernist ideology. If we want our nation to flourish, our children should be well-educated, moral beings.

Our Efforts To Restore
The American Promise

Understanding Threats To America

For decades communist regimes have used their ideology to subvert the US—and nearly succeeded.


Ground breaking book that exposes the ideology and actions of the Communist party.


The book reveals the ways in which the communist specter has burrowed into the minds of today’s people.

Special Video Series

Investigative reporter Joshua Philipp into the dark origins of communism.


An in-depth overview how how the CCP has worked for decades to subvert the US—and has nearly succeeded.


An in-depth overview of current and former CCP officials who hold key positions in international organizations.

Special Report

The Chinese Communist Party has made collecting health care data, including genetic Information, a national priority.


The US is countering the CCP in space, a domain Beijing has sought to explore and dominate.

Cherishing Our Traditions

This project highlights traditional, moral, and upright principles that allow society’s to flourish.

Special Edition

A special edition on men and Women and why we should embrace our differences.

Special Edition

A special edition leadership and lessons we can learn from our forefathers.

Special Edition

A special edition on parenting and advise for parents how to navigate these modern times.

Special Edition

A special edition on how to reclaim balance in your life in this digital age.

Reclaiming Education

This project seeks to provide parents and educations with resources needed to provide quality education.

Special Edition

A special edition making the case for an education based on virtues.

Video Series

Special video series ‘School’s out’ hosted by Sam Sorbo on home- schooling and education.

Kid's Magazine

A special Kid’s magazine by The Epoch Times.

Defending The Constitution

This project works to educate the public on our nation’s principles, rich history, and our constitutional rights.

Special Edition

A special edition containing a series of nine essays defending our Constitution against unfair accusations.


Interviews with leading experts on how history is being falsified and what the world would lose if the U.S. Constitution were lost.

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with constitutional law experts and rights defenders who have taken steps to preserve the Constitution.

Constitution Quiz

Test your knowledge of our founding document and what it means in today’s world!

American Promise

The Epoch Times was founded on the American Promise.

So across the two decades of our existence, we have made protecting America's promise a priority by exposing communism infiltration and threat to the America even though we have encountered lots of challenges. For example,

Opposition Since Day One:
The Short-Lived Chinese Branch

Back in 2000, the founders of a short-lived Epoch Times bureau in China were detained, tortured, interrogated, made to work inhumanly long hours, and imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Violence and Robbery:
An Attack on American Soil

In 2006, Dr. Peter Li, CTO of Epoch Times, was beaten, tied up, blindfolded with duct tape and robbed of two laptop computers last week by three Asian men who burst into his suburban Atlanta home with a gun and knife.

A Democratic Dystopia:
Deplatformed, Demonetized, and Otherwise Denied

Facebook blocked us as an advertiser entirely. Our online content has also been barred from monetization on YouTube and has even been shadow banned without our knowledge.

Certain vendors and providers have also denied us service, some due to pressure from advocacy journalists. All of these pose challenges to our daily operations as a media, to this day.

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

—Abraham Lincoln

And we will continue to, until we can ensure that our future generations will receive the same sanctuary and freedom that have allowed us to thrive in this remarkable nation.

In this exceptional time, when the foundations of the American Promise are in jeopardy, we hope you will join us.